Schneller ist besser.

Who puts your letters in envelopes? Certainly not your staff!

Our services have always included: folding, inserting in envelopes and addressing. We have at our desposal mail stuffing machines. Even if we do it manully, our staff is experienced and well equipped.

We fold  letters to required formats using various techniques (zig zag fold, gatefold, or parallel fold). Even crossfold is for us no problem. We have at our disposal machine park. There are small mail stuffing machines which can handle only 5 enclosers in DIN format and large machines with 12 encloser stations equipped with a camera for multiple personification.

We address your delivery using inkjet technology or we stick the labels using semi-automated label dispenser.

The labels are produced using a direct thermal printer or using a trasfer method. If you wish we can also produce self-adhesive labels with detachable sticker.

The next step is to hand over your mail to the appropriate postal operator. If it necessary we frank your deliveries.

Von jeher ist falzen, kuvertieren und adressieren unsere Aufgabe.


Robert-Matzke-Str. 1
01127 Dresden

t +49 351 213034-0
f +49 351 213034-27

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